Our Candidates in the News

10/5/2018: Greenwich Free Press – Floren: On Nov 6, Vote Yes to Convey Transparency

10/5/2018: Greenwich Free Press – Budkins: Bocchino Seeks Best Possible Future for All Greenwich Residents

10/2/2018: Greenwich Free Press – Moretti Bodson: Floren is the Epitome of What Government Should Be

9/29/2018: Greenwich Free Press – Susan B. Linker: Camillo Works Hard as a Member of CT’s Legislative Animal Welfare Caucus

9/29/2018: Greenwich Sentinel – Dana Battista: Frantz Voted for Gun Safety

9/28/2018: Greenwich Sentinel – Douglas Cram: Bocchino Serves Us Well

9/28/2018: Greenwich Sentinel – Frantz: Why I am Optimistic About CT’s Future

9/23/2018: Greenwich Free Press – Lisa Seglem: Why I’M Supporting Fred Camillo

9/22/2018: Greenwich Free Press - Jeanine Behr Getz: Floren Always Delivers

9/22/2018: Greenwich Sentinel – Mastracchio: Camillo Honest and Compassionate

9/19/2018: Greenwich Free Press - Dolly Powers: Floren Deals with All Players Fairly and Kindly

9/19/2018: Greenwich Free Press – Floren: Wright Tech and UCONN Stamford “Get It”

9/18/2018: Greenwich Time – Merl and Rita Baker: Bocchino Dedicated to Neighbors in 150th

9/14/18: Greenwich Time – Nickerson: Frantz a Champion of Financial Reform

9/12/2018: Greenwich Time - Letter: More transportation funds needed

9/8/2018:  Greenwich Free Press - Letter: Camillo Supports Humane Legislation for Animals

9/7/2018:  Greenwich Free Press - Letter: Floren Leads by Example

9/4/2018:  Greenwich Free Press -  Floren: Greenwich Delegation’s Teamwork Gets Work Done in Hartford