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Debunking Local Democrats’ Election Strategy


To Our Friends & Neighbors,


As Election day looms, I wanted to set the record straight with voters before they head to the polls, or mail in more absentee ballots. At the risk of my message being lost in a sea of letters to the editor, I am going straight to you, the voters.


When running a campaign, one usually wants voters to focus on the accomplishments of one’s record. Local Democrats have no record to run on. So, in that absence, they are running an extremely negative campaign.


Ryan Fazio - Candidate for State Senate 36th


Ryan Fazio has been portrayed as “anti-woman” “anti-school” and as someone who wants to build a nuclear plant in Greenwich. All are completely false. For years, Ryan has spent his weekends tutoring less advantaged kids so that he can help them meet or exceed their school requirements. His vote to maintain a flat school budget during an unprecedented economic crisis has proven to have been the right one. Our GPS was able to fill their budget gap from Spring, no teachers were laid off and the GPS returned more than $2million in excess cash to the Town.


When it comes to healthcare, Ryan believes in protecting pre-existing conditions, and making healthcare more affordable and efficient for every resident in CT. On energy, Ryan has spent his career specialising in Renewable Energy. Currently, 41% of CT’s energy comes from the Millstone Nuclear Power Station in Watertown. It employs 4,000 people. We have NO NEED for any additional nuclear plants. But we need to spend effectively to ensure that the Millstone plant works efficiently into the future. CT is committed to renewable energy alternatives. Ryan is the right person to deliver on those commitments.


Kimberly Fiorello (149th), Joe Kelly (150th) and Incumbent Harry Arora (151st) - Candidates for State Representative


Our candidates for State Rep have also been made a target of outright lies by Democrats. Our candidates have been portrayed as being anti-security and “dangerous” for our economy. Kimberly, Ryan, Joe and Harry are ALL supportive of our policewomen and men. Kimberly, Joe and Ryan each were endorsed by local police unions (unprecedented), and Rep Harry Arora lobbied against and voted against the ill conceived Police Accountability Bill.


On the economy, our candidates firmly support ending the corrosive Democrat led Progressive Tax policy that has seen our income taxes raised three times in a decade. Our candidates believe in lower taxes, less burdens on small businesses and creating a climate that will attract larger Corporations back to CT. This will lead to job creation, economic growth and a rejuvenated CT economy that will lift everyone.


Democrats Are Running From Their Record


Democrats are peddling fear. They have run our state without obstacles for more than a decade. If they had produced great results, there would be no argument. Their record would speak for itself. The fact is they have not. So what do they do? They create a sense of pending doom. Instead of debating their opponents on policy, they have put their stake in trying to convince voters that our candidates are part of the “Trump Train”.


As Chair of the RTC, but even more so as someone who grew up in our town, I have an abiding faith in our constituents. They have always proved that they are informed and sophisticated. But to earn their votes candidates must put in the hard work. Our candidates have. After thousands of doors knocked on, mailers stuffed, virtual Zoom forums, debates, phone calls and meet & greets, our Republican candidates have shown our community that they have a passion for our community.


I urge you to read up on our candidates this weekend. They are qualified and honest. They bring with them Harvard degrees, years of business experience and a firm commitment to you that they will be strong voices for you in Hartford.


They are husbands, wives, parents, sons and daughters. They are your neighbors, self-made, hardworking and experienced. They are us.




Dan Quigley

RTC Chair


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