About the RTC

A Political Town Committee is an organized group of elected people whose main objectives focus on winning elections at local, state, and national levels. But, while Election Day activity is just that, a day-long series of events, the planning that precedes it is, AND HAS TO BE, an ongoing year-round process.

The keys to the success of a Town Committee are the Chairman, other officers, and an active, involved membership. The Town Committee provides the foundation on which the state and national party organizations build. If the towns produce winning Republican candidates, the chances of Republican candidates winning on the state and national levels are significantly increased. Your state organization depends on local Town Committees to recruit candidates for higher office.

Town Committee Objectives

  1. To see that there is a complete ticket of Republican candidates for every election.
  2. To plan, conduct, and financially support campaigns.
  3. To promote the candidacies of Republicans and their positions at the local, state, and national level.
  4. To set local policy.
  5. To hold regularly-scheduled meetings, carry out their business according to State Statutes, State Party Rules, and Local By-Laws.
  6. To encourage support and affiliate with other Republican groups (i.e., Republican Women, Young GOP, Teenage Republicans etc.).
  7. To be the "voice" of the Republican Party at the local level.