RTC Members

District 1
Carl Carlson
Victoria Goss
John Raben
Frank Salomone
Konstantine Wells
District 2
Dick Kriskey
Marc Johnson
Lolly Prince
Melinda Sherman

District 3
Louise Bavis
Carmella Budkins
Jackie Budkins
Kathy Derene

District 4
David Budkins
Jeff Madina
Tony Stelluti
John Thompson

District 5 
Rene Chronert
Bill Gremp
Katie Johnson
Paul Olmsted
Randall Smith
District 6
Marc Ducret
Jeff Dybas
Debra Hess
Barbara O'Neill
Eric Wise

District 7
Karen Fassuliotis
Kimberly Fiorello
Lucia Jansen
Wynn McDaniel
Leslie Tarkington
District 8
Kerrin Coyle
Irene Dietrich
Tod Laudonia
Michael Mason
Linda Moshier

District 9
James Clifford
Eric Lindberg
Lauren Rabin
Richard Shapiro
Carol Zarrilli

District 10
Lloyd Hull
Tom Klein
Anuj Patel
Mark Pruner
Steve Walko
District 11 
Rosa Fini
Joe Fahys
Debbie Gunzelman
Jon Redmond
Michael Spilo
District 12 
Fred DeCaro
Rich DiPreta
Bill Kalna
Peter Sherr
Holly Young

Welcome to the Greenwich Republican Town Committee website. It is an exciting time to be a Republican in the Town of Greenwich. We are so very proud of our slate of candidates for the upcoming November elections. At the top of the ticket is First Selectman Peter Tesei. Peter’s undeniable love for the Town, fiscal acumen and thoughtful leadership has served our Town well. We also have Selectman John Toner, Town Clerk Carm Budkins and Tax Collector Tod Laudonia all seeking re-election. Each is uniquely qualified to carry out their duties as a public servant for you.

We also have a superb group of individuals seeking election to the Board of Estimate and Taxation. After a well-fought primary, we are pleased that Bill Drake, Andreas Duus, Karen Fassuliotis, Debra Hess, Michael Mason and Leslie Tarkington comprise the Republican team to handle the financial affairs of the Town.

While we sincerely hope the Town moves forward with changing the Town Charter to allow voter choice in future Board of Education elections, the Greenwich RTC nominated Jason Auerbach and Peter Sherr to be members of the Board of Education.

The remainder of the ticket is as follows: Board of Assessment Appeals: Jack Kriskey, Mark Pruner and Jeff Reardon. Constables are, Donna Maloney, Siegrun Pottgen Tony Stelluti and John Thompson.

We welcome all to attend our campaign events in support of Peter and the rest of Republican ticket. We are truly a big tent with lots of opportunities to get involved. Our core values of love of town and efficient use of taxpayer dollars has made Greenwich the jewel of Connecticut. Please join me on November 7 to vote for Tesei/Toner/Budkins/Laudonia and the rest of the Republican ticket.